Dear School Principal,

For the last 16 years the Christian Schools Event Network (CSEN) has been providing opportunities for Christian Schools to participate in enriching sporting and cultural events to enhance the cocurricular offering. Originally this was done under the auspice of Christian Schools Australia’s Victorian section (CSA).

In light of the broadening involvement of Christian schools outside of CSA, the Christian Schools Event Network was incorporated in its own right and a process to separate it legally and operationally began. CSEN is now a company limited by guarantee and its governance structure provides for governance by its members. 

As a subscriber to CSEN’s programs we are therefore writing to invite your school’s body corporate to formally become a member of the Christian Schools Event Network Ltd. The primary advantage and responsibility of this is to shape the direction of CSEN by voting at General meetings and influencing the make-up of the company’s board so as to ensure it is appropriately equipped to serve the member schools.

In order to take up this opportunity we would request that you please fill out the application for membership form attached. All returned applications will then be evaluated by the CSEN board with the expectation of current participating schools being approved at the next Board Meeting.

The next AGM of the company is scheduled to be held in May, at which point your school’s membership will entitle it to participate, ask questions and elect board members for the following year.

We trust that you will take the opportunity to strengthen the governance and operations of CSEN by taking up membership and look forward to your ongoing engagement with our like-minded network.


William Neil

CSEN Board Chair

** Clause 4: Each member must contribute an amount not more than $10 (the guarantee) to the property of the company if the company is wound up while the member is a member, or within 12 months after they stop being a member.

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